Hope for the deprived Youth in Ghana


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Premium Ghana is voluntary, non govermental not for profit making organization which exist to protect and build the capacities of vulnerable children to claim and access their natural and civic rights.  It operates to facilitate the process of achieving and sustaining bright future and development for the poor vulnerable children in Ghana by the use of participatory approach,advocacy campaigns and direct engaement with the duty bearers.

Premium Ghana, also work with some rural communities to promote Good health, Education and fight against discrimination or domestice violence on women and children in Ghana. The Communities are a rural settlement with a population of 17,100 and population density of 11.88 people per square kilometers. The places are farming settlements growing crops like yam, Cassava, Maize, Beans, Cashew, sheabutter and groundnuts they also rear animals for their livelihood.


The formation of the Premium Ghana was therefore necessitated by the increasing need for capacity development and resource mobilization for sustainable development for the vulnerable youths in Ghana, It was Initiated in february 2003 by some young development practitioners and it is legally registered with the register general and the Department of Socail welfare in Ghana.